About Ureki

The scientist-specialists of different countries after the researches came to the conclusion that the Black Sea health resort Ureki has no analog in the world.

Such wonderful natural environment as the sea, the sun, magnetic sand, create excellent conditions for the relaxation and therapy.

Small-grained blackish magnetic sand of the beach contains the following minerals: magnetite The scientific reseach proves a good effect of the magnetic field on the human organism. The magnetic field has analgetic, anti-inflammation effect, it stimulates tissue regeneration (5%), monazite(4.9%), zircon(4.2%), granite(4.3%), quartz. and what is the most important, increases the immunity.

The curative factors of the Black Sea are very important for treating the children’s diseases, especially for treating musculoskeletal system diseases, in the Black Sea health resort Ureki. The optimal relaxation and curavite period lasts for 24 days, but the results of the treatment may be obtained in 18 days as well.

The scientific research of the curative effect of the Ureki health resort has been held in the central part of Ureki, characterized by the positive activity of the magnetic field.The research was held by the leading Institutions and scientists, such as: Georgian Institue of Health Resorts and Physiotherapy, on the basis of sanatorium “Kolkhida”, Tbilisi State University and the Academy of Sciences of Georgia.

To obtain a positive result of the treatment in Ureki resort, it’s necessary to take the sun, sea, air and sand bathes in Ureki.

For choosing the correct directions of the treatment course, it’s necessary to get the medical consultation in the resort.

Professor Sh. A. Tavartkiladze,

Doctor-Neurologist N.A. Kartsivadze

Indications for the relaxation and treatment in Ureki

  1. The hypertensive disease  I-II stages, without crisis symptoms or the signs  of disorder of the cerebral blood circulation.
  2. Coronary Atherosclerosis – only I stage (A.Miasnikov) depending on the stage of the disease. (L. Folgeson, L. Miasnikov, V. Metlitsa).  The sick people with rare heart strokes, happening only after the great physical and emotional overstrain.
  3. Atherosclerotic  cardiosclerosis, compensated by the circulatory collapse of the first stage.
  4. Myocardiumdistrophy, caused by the overstrain of the myocardium, during the I stage of the circulatory collapse.
  5. Acquired heart diseases, without any obvious mitral or aortic stenosis, blood circulation is compensated or there is the first stage collapse. Rheumatic process is not in its active phase.
  6. Obliterating atherosclerosis of the lower limbs, without any cochin sore or gangrene.
  7. Friendlander’s  disease (obliterating endoarthritis), blood circulation disorder in the limbs, I-II stages, remission period.
  8. The chronic thrombophlebitis of the lower limbs. (no sooner, than 6 months after the passing of the acute process).
  9. Alimentary obesity.
  10. Diseases of the musculoskeletion system (rheumatic and infecious polyarthritis in its chronic stage, without any active process, distrophic polyarthritis, deformable osteoarthrosis, osteocondrosis and etc.).
  11. Functional diseases of the nervous system, neurosis of the hypertensive form, climacteric neurosis.
  12. Diseases of the peripheral nervous system (neuritis, neuralgia) – the stage of rehabilitation.
  13.  Bronhial astma –II-III stages.
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