Sataplia karst caves are situated about 500 m above the sea level and are the part of the Sataplia state preserve.

Sataplia cave is the first karst cave in Georgia that has been made a convenient tourist sight. Sataplia cave represents a natural river-bed of the river Oghaskura. For 30 million years, this small river, finding its way, was cotinually flowing through the passages of this cave making them wider. This river helped the famous naturalist P. Chabukiani discover the cave in 1925.

The cave has the same temperature in winter and summer +14 degrees celcius. Those, who enter the cave, find themselves in the wonderful world: the stalactites and stalagmites join into great columns in some places, with the ceiling and walls full of stalactites, they make impression of the fairy tale structures. In the cave there are installed modern light and acustic systems.

About 200 dinosaur footprints were found in the cave. Neaby there is a visitor center and an exhibition hall with a glass verandah overlooking the wondeful views of the place.

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